New UNEP Report on Human Rights and Climate Change

On Human Rights Day 2015, the UN Environment Programme released a new report explaining in detail the effects of climate change on the full enjoyment of a wide range of human rights, and setting out the human rights obligations relating to climate change.  In a foreword to the report, the Special Rapporteur states, "This report is the most detailed and comprehensive study yet undertaken of [climate change and human rights]. It arrives at a critical moment, as the Parties to the UNFCCC meet in Paris to begin a new chapter in our generational effort to defeat climate change. The report provides an indispensable basis for climate policy going forward, helping us see in detail how climate change threatens our ability to enjoy our human rights, and also how the exercise of human rights can inform and guide our climate policies. As the report makes clear, a human rights perspective on climate change not only provides a stark warning of what is at stake - it also gives us a beacon of hope that we can solve this problem together."