IBA Releases Comprehensive Report: "Achieving Justice and Human Rights in an Era of Climate Disruption"

The International Bar Association has released a comprehensive report entitled "Achieving Justice and Human Rights in an Era of Climate Disruption."

Independent Expert John Knox describes the report by saying:

"On the basis of a comprehensive review of the relevant domestic and international law, this report suggests concrete steps towards achieving climate justice that are both far-reaching and eminently sensible. Its analysis and recommendations should be read by everyone involved in climate policy."

According to the IBA, the report “identifies problems and gaps in existing legal, human rights, trade and other institutional arrangements. It contains a series of new ideas and recommendations to governments and world institutions, such as the World Trade Organization, human rights bodies, international development financing agencies, as well as specific law and corporate governance reforms to aid in the prevention and mitigation of climate change impacts and protect the human rights of vulnerable communities.” The report is available here.