UNEP seeks contributions for Guide on Rio Principle 10

The UN Environment Programme (UNEP), the main UN environment body, is looking for submissions and contributions to promote the worldwide implementation of Rio Principle 10.  UNEP is developing an Implementation Guide to the 2010 “Bali Guidelines for the Development of National Legislation on Access to Information, Public Participation and Access to Justice in Environmental Matters” (Bali Guidelines) in cooperation with the World Resources Institute (WRI), a practical tool for policymakers, legal professionals, decision makers and civil society to aid them in their work to strengthen access to information, public participation, and access to justice.

UNEP and WRI are interested in examples of laws, regulations, policies and practices from any country, but especially from Latin America, Africa and Asia. Both environment-specific and ‘horizontal’ or general examples are useful. Examples may include legislation, policies and procedures, creation of courts or other institutions, and case study examples of actual practice.

Examples should relate to one or more guidelines. The full text of the Bali Guidelines is available here.

Please send your submissions to Baliguidelines@wri.org.

All submissions will be acknowledged in the final version of the Guide. Having your country examples in the Guide is a way to highlight efforts to establish and strengthen procedural rights that are critical for sustainable development, to encourage others to do so.